• 1962 Impala: Breaking The Mold

    Some cars are built with an inherit style. A ‘69 Camaro is going to be a performance machine as that was their intent leaving the factory. In the 6...
  • Shop Update: ‘67 & '70 Chevelle, ‘71 Cuda ‘73 Ford Dentside & Mercedes 450 SEL!

    What's new at Ironworks Speed and Kustom? Have a look and see some of the projects in our shop right now and where they are at in the build process. 
  • Crusty 2.0: Less Patina, Better Performance, Still Crusty

    When building cars, Greg Heinrich isn’t all about massive horsepower, or flash paint. What matters to him more than anything, is how driveable the...
  • Fairway '55 150 Sedan

    Nestled in the heart of Bakersfield, Rodger Lee of Ironworks Speed and Kustom set out to build one of his dream cars, a 1955 Chevrolet Sedan.  The...
  • Greg Heinrich's 1967 Camaro: A Speed Demon in White

    In the heart of Hesperia, California, a rust-covered gem lay waiting to be transformed into a roaring street racing legend. Rodger of Ironworks Spe...
  • The Crusty Camaro 1.0

    Discover the transformation of a '68 Camaro by Ironworks Speed and Kustom. Greg Heinrich's vision was a daily driver with patina charm, a car that seamlessly blends into everyday life. Under Rodger's meticulous care, the Crusty Camaro features a 430 HP LS3 engine, Speedtech Performance suspension, and Forgeline wheels. With a Bowler T56 transmission and Michelin tires, it's a reliable road warrior. Inside, Recaro seats and Dakota Digital gauges add comfort. This communal vehicle, loaned to friends and serving as a student driver car, covered 8000 miles and conquered three Goodguys Road Tours—a testament to Ironworks' commitment to reliability.
  • Glenn's Dream Machine: The Unveiling of a 1951 Mercury Masterpiece

    Glenn Black's 1951 Mercury, a stunning embodiment of the classic 'Lead Sled,' redefines automotive craftsmanship. Built by Rodger and the Ironworks Speed and Kustom team, this masterpiece boasts a meticulously crafted custom chassis, setting the stage for power and precision. Under the hood, a 4-cam 2004 Cobra engine marries old-school charm with modern performance. The exterior, perfected by Ironworks, features subtle yet impactful details like a custom fender fade and reshaped glass. Sherm's Chrome Plating and one-off billet wheels add a touch of sophistication. Inside, comfort meets style with Dakota Digital VHX gauges and a unique hair-on-hide purple headliner. Recognized with multiple awards, Glenn's dream machine is a symbol of automotive artistry, showcasing the limitless possibilities when dreams meet expert craftsmanship.
  • Soulful Swagger: The Ironworks Revival of a 1965 Chevelle Four-Door Wagon

    Andy's 1965 Chevelle Wagon is more than just a grocery-getter. This car hauls the kids, their gear, and does it in style! Read the full story of this original paint car inside.
  • 2023 GoodGuys Street Machine of the Year

        This year we competed in the 25th Summit Racing Nationals presented by PPG, Goodguys Rod & Custom Association. We were crowned their 2023...
  • The Goodguys Road Tour

    The guys from Ironworks and their awesome customers take part in this event every year and this year be brought along the camera for the days throu...
  • Glenn Black & The Merc

    Glenn Black from Taft Ca let us bring his dream car to life a few years ago. Alan Jackson may have written his song Crazy about a Mercury based on ...
  • Project Break Down: Ron Lallo's 1966 C10

    Go over to our YouTube channel and check out Rodger breaking down all the details that make Ron's 66 C10 such a uniquely badass ride.