Project Update: Andy's Chevelle Wagon

Patina cars are definitely gaining more popularity in recent years, and why wouldn't they? These cars are more focused on function over form, and that is why people are gravitating to them. People want fast cars with good ride quality, and they also want to actually take those fast cars out on the road! 
Andy wanted us to transform his Chevelle Wagon into a grocery getter from hell, and we plan to give him just that. 
This project started off by getting rid of the stock chassis for a Speedtech Chevelle Chassis that we had to stretch to fit the wagon body
Once the body was on the new chassis the fun began. 
We made the wheel tubs bigger and narrowed down the rear axle shafts so that we could fit a little extra meat on the rear end
Test fit the GM Performance LT4 Engine and Bowler 10 speed Transmission on the chassis, and while the body was off the car the guys made mounts for the new gas tank.
Once the engine was in place with the body setting on the chassis we were able to get to work on the new exhaust. 
We were going to need a little bit more breathing room, so the guys started cutting out the old trans tunnel to make way for a new one. 
And installed the new Speartech harness and Wegner Front Accessory Drive Kit to get the most out of this big LT4.