Careers With Ironworks




Do you want to be a part of a winning team?  Do you want to grow your already existing talent and skills to a level you didn't even realize was possible?  Do you want to be a part of something exciting and cutting edge in the industry?  Do you want to be excited to come to work to see how much you can learn and grow?  If you do, we would love to talk to you!  
We are looking for qualified, hard working employees with talent, motivation, and most importantly the desire to push themselves to be the best they can be!  
If you don't want to show up and work hard everyday, if you don't want to put in the effort to be your best, if you don't want to see what is possible and what an all-star team can achieve together then don't bother applying.  We know there are many talented people out there but we're not just looking for talent.  We are looking for people that are passionate about their career, people that truly care about the work they do and desire to be the best.  
This isn't always easy.  It takes time, commitment, loyalty, a lot of hard work, and motivation that can't be taught.  But it's 100% worth it!  We are giving you an opportunity to learn from the best.  And we value our team!  We have heard many times that people get intimidated by our shop and not knowing if their skills are good enough to work at Ironworks.  Let us tell you that anyone can be good enough if they have the drive and the determination to come to work daily and give it their best.  If you have the basic skills needed then we can work with you.  Our team pushes and constantly helps each other be better.  We will teach and train you. Each and every day we will push your skills to get better and better. 
The one thing we cannot teach is motivation. You need to be a dedicated, hard working person that WANTS IT.  If you don't, you won't like it here.
Sometimes with learning, it can be tough.  Things aren't always perfect, things have to be re-done, and sometimes people don't like that.  It takes a hit to an ego but if you can get over that and realize we want the best for YOU, for your skills, for the customer and the work done to their cars, for the shop in general then you will realize the constant pushing to be better is not a negative, but instead the complete opposite. 
If you are not being pushed to do better work each and everyday then you aren't growing.  We believe the next car we build should always be better than the last.  We push ourselves to learn from the past successes and failures to make the next build that much better.  Don't be scared to apply if you have the drive, the dream, and the passion. You don't need a huge resume filled with pictures and a lifetime of work in the industry.  Give yourself a chance and APPLY! You will be expected to pay attention to every detail in our shop so don’t slack on the application directions. 
Our team consists of ordinary people that are committed to showing up daily and giving it their all.  That's it!  But as a team we get exceptional results.  We truly believe that EVERYONE on the team makes a difference!  We can't do it without everyone's help.  We are looking for people that want to be a part of a company like this.  If you are looking for an easy gravy train, move on as you won't fit in.
Assembly Team: 
This is the group that assemble the cars at a few different points in the build process.  They install wiring, build plumbing, install sheetmetal panels, as well as mechanically assemble the chassis, drivetrain parts and basically make sure the car operates well.  We don't just build show cars meant to be looked at with mirrors. We build cars that are meant to be run hard on the road.  We want our cars driven and the customers to love the way the cars drive.  We always need people that are committed to making that happen.
Fabrication Team:
This is the the group that weld and build parts and pieces for the construction of a custom car.  They form and install sheetmetal panels using English wheels, stretchers, pullmax or power hammers, and a variety of other tools.  We have a lot of great equipment to work with in the shop to make this happen.  They fixture and position parts precisely for welding and make sure the finished product is well-made, clean, and as good as it can be.  We love showing cars in bare metal at shows so people can see the amazing craftsmanship that goes into them and the hard work that was done.  
Design Team: 
This is the group that layout and design a part in 2D or 3D. They will use tools that vary from a measuring tape to the top of the line Creaform Scanner.  They design parts in Solidworks or Fusion 360 to be plasma cut, laser cut, machined, or even printed on our Bigrep ONE 3D printer.  They design complete assemblies to construct in Solidworks.  They are just as important to the building process as the guys working on the actual car.
We offer great benefits and salaries.  We work a 4-10 schedule that allows you to be home at night with your family.  We offer Fridays as an opportunity to work OT hours that many employees like to utilize.  We have job security as our work back-log is years long.  We offer health and dental insurance, a Simple IRA retirement plan with 3% match after one year of employment.  We have a discounted parts program which allows you to purchase auto parts at our cost.  We have a fully air conditioned shop which is extremely beneficial in Bakersfield.  It averages 78 degrees in the summer which is a huge perk.  We have paid holidays and vacation for employees after one year of employment.  Sick time accrues for all employees upon hire date.  We offer paid travel expenses to shows where you can see the cars you helped build at events like Goodguys shows across the country, or Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona.  We always want the employees to be a part of the shows so they can see the reaction to the work that they have done.  We want you to see the excitement on people's faces when they see the car you helped to build!  We provide a yearly employee family retreat to get together in an environment other than the shop.  We welcome as many people to go as possible.  We have a very passionate work environment and literally, the BEST customers in the industry!  
If any of this interests you and makes you wonder what the future might hold then it doesn't hurt to apply.  We're looking forward to meeting you and growing our team!
Send in a resume with pictures of your best work to today!