Crusty Camaro - A Face Made For Radio

Patina 1967 Camaro with LS3 480hp crate engine dressed to look like a stock 327. The car has complete Speedtech suspension, Forgeline wheels, Wilwood brakes, Dakota Digital gauges.
Raka Visuals came out to show you all that this Camaro might not have all the show, but it definitely has the go to make up for it. 
We get asked a lot why people would even build these cars and the answer is you will never understand until you have a really nice car your too afraid to drive. This car goes everywhere someone’s daily drive goes. The drug store, the mall at Christmas time, the hardware store for the small sprinkler part. Or across country. You can park this car anywhere and your not worried about another door ding or a shopping cart or some terrible driver jacking you mega shiny show car. This car has all the options it’s just not pretty so in some ways it has more then any show car could ever offer. It’s really just a face for radio.