Glenn's Dream Machine: The Unveiling of a 1951 Mercury Masterpiece

When you hear the term ‘Lead Sled’, images will instantly conjure in your mind of a chopped and slammed Mercury. Glenn Black of Taft, CA had always wanted a Merc. Maybe listening to Alan Jackson’s song “Crazy About A Mercury” inspired him; or maybe his Merc inspired Alan Jackson to write the song. 

Rodger of Ironworks Speed and Kustom has a reputation for building some of the baddest rides on the planet. Cars meant to drive across the USA, or around a race track with the best of them. This Merc has really shown the world that Rodger and his team can do it all by building the baddest lead sled ever! While this may look like a typical bagged and chopped Merc, there’s lots more to the story than that. 

The heart and soul of this masterpiece lie in its custom chassis, a meticulously crafted foundation that sets the stage for a symphony of power and precision. Up front, a Mustang II variant with air bags and Fox shocks. The rear suspension features a custom 4-link setup paired with a Ford 9" rear end, all complemented by Wilwood brakes for stopping power that matches the car's performance. The Mustang-style floor-mounted fuel tank adds both form and precious ground clearance. 


Stacked Power Plant

You never know what might be under the hood of an old Merc. There’s been flathead Ford’s, Small-block Chevy’s, and probably even LS engines. To blend old school with new school, Rodger and Glenn picked out a 4-cam 2004 Cobra engine, topped with a Hilborn stack injection system to give it a classic look with modern performance and reliability.  

The engine, masterfully built by MMR, is mated to a 4R70W transmission and controlled by a Holley Dominator EFI. The engine features custom-made valve covers that give it almost a HEMI look, but blends that old school and new school like they wanted. 

What You Don’t See

The chop top on this car is obvious. But what isn’t obvious and what you don’t see is what truly sets the car apart from others in the field. Little details like how there’s a custom fender fade that seamlessly flows through the door and quarter panel. When you look at the car it looks better than stock, but your mind can’t quite figure out how. 

The side window glass has been reshaped, and a one-off rear window glass, along with billet side moldings allow for a flush fit that is nothing short of perfection. The front headlight position has been relocated, a Desoto grille installed, and the rear tail lights and lenses are all custom-built. The result is a car that looks factory but is far from it. 

The exterior is painted and perfected by Ironworks Speed and Kustom, while Sherm's Chrome Plating rechromed all the shiny parts to better than new.. One-off billet wheels, wrapped in radial white walls complete the look, making each turn a statement of style and sophistication.

Driver Comfort

The interior, meticulously crafted by ISK, is a seamless blend of comfort and style that complements the exterior's visual spectacle. Check out the hair-on-hide custom purple headliner too! A set of Dakota Digital VHX gauges look right at home and allow Glenn to keep tabs on things under the hood. 

Glenn's dream machine is not just a marvel in his eyes; it has garnered acclaim on some of the grandest stages in the automotive world. Awards from the Sacramento and West Coast Custom of the Year competitions, a Top 5 Goodguys Custom of the Year, and a feature in Wheel Hub, among other accolades, attest to the undeniable impact of this 1951 Mercury.

As a participant in the Gathering of the Roc, Glenn's creation has become a symbol of automotive artistry, a testament to the endless possibilities when dreams meet talented craftsmanship.