Soulful Swagger: The Ironworks Revival of a 1965 Chevelle Four-Door Wagon

1965 Chevelle Wagon

In the world of automotive dreams, the journey sometimes takes unexpected turns. Andrew Lezotte, the proud owner of a beastly '69 Chevelle, found himself in a new chapter of life – fatherhood. With three little boys, the need arose for a grungy, resilient ride that could withstand the chaos of childhood. Enter the 1965 Chevelle wagon, a relic from a spirited motorcycle-riding lady's past. 

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Original Charm, New Purpose

This '65 Chevelle hasn't been painted. It still sports the original paint. This isn’t just a car for Andrew, it's a canvas waiting to be adorned with memories. Andrew's vision was clear – a wagon meant to haul kids, endure football gear impacts, embrace goldfish-stuffed seats, and even serve as a stage for kids dancing at local car shows. The goal was to infuse it with the soul of its previous owner and transform it into a family-friendly speed demon.

Ironworks Transformation

Under the skilled hands of Rodger Lee and the Ironworks Speed and Kustom team, the '65 Chevelle underwent a metamorphosis. The stock chassis was ditched and the body now rests on a Speedtech Performance chassis. This gives it the updated geometry to handle like a modern sports car, and still ride smoothly. The heart of this family chariot now beats with an LT4 engine coupled with a 10-speed transmission, a modern powerhouse ready to unleash its potential on the open road.

Sensible Upgrades for a Sensational Drive

Ensuring both style and substance, the wagon boasts a Wegner front drive system, Magnaflow mufflers, and a hand-built stainless exhaust that sings a melodic tune. The Ricks tank ensures ample fuel for those spirited drives, and the Gear FX diff ensures power is delivered to the rear wheels. Wilwood brakes are utilized at all four corners, providing the necessary stopping power for a vehicle that handles kids and their gear. 

Family-Focused Interior

Inside the wagon, a Dakota Digital system and a GM control system from Speartech form the brain, orchestrating a symphony of modern amenities seamlessly integrated into the classic charm. 

Designed by DJ Design, the interior maintains a stock appearance while accommodating the necessities of family life. The down-sized '65 Chevelle steering wheel from EVOD adds a touch of modernity to the driver's seat, allowing Andrew to navigate the roads with ease and style.

Wheeling in Style

Driving down the road the only clues that there’s more to this wagon than meets the eye are the lowered stance and the wheels. The wheels have gone back and forth between a set of Forgeline wheels that give it a factory steel wheel look, and a set of modern HRE 5-spoke wheels. Both look right at home on the ol’ wagon - we can’t decide which ones look better! 


This 1965 Chevelle four-door wagon, resurrected by Ironworks Speed and Kustom, is more than just a car. Andrew Lezotte's journey, from a roaring '69 Chevelle to this spirited family wagon, and a testament to the ever-evolving story of automotive dreams that Ironworks Speed and Kustoms bring to life.