OEM Style Headlight Switches

OEM Style Headlight Switches

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The Ironworks 3-Position Headlight Switch has an OFF position with two ON positions (OFF - PARK - HEADLIGHTS). Now you can have a sleek looking headlight switch to match the other Ironworks switches in your vehicle.

Our OEM style switches are available in several configurations to use with power windows, headlights, starters and other accessories.

Headlight switch - Pin Out

Pin 2 - Fused Power for Parking lights

Pin 3 - To Parking lights or Parking light relay

Pin 5 - Fused Power for headlights

Pin 6 - To Headlights or Headlight relay

Pin 7 - LED light - to groun

Pin 8 - LED light - from switched power

If you look on the side of the switch you will see the small number for each pin on the switch.